Exterior Stone Facades

Stone Veneer Facades

The timeless look of natural stone adds character and value to your home. Textured stone veneers create dimension and a majestic feel to any exterior or interior.

With a wide range of natural stone colors to choose from, it’s easy to complement siding, cedar, stucco and more. Every style of architecture lends itself to the natural beauty of stone.


Stone veneer façades are a durable, attractive, yet economical alternative to solid stone construction. Virtually indistinguishable from solid stone, Sunset Patio Design & Construction stone façades give your home a striking, solid look at a fraction of the cost of solid stone. Choose your façade from a wide variety of stone types, colors, and patterns--from classic Mediterranean to rustic provincial. Our façades are suitable for new construction and many restoration projects.

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Eldorado-Stone-Veneto Eldorado-Stone-Mesquite-Cliffstone-with-Culture-Stone-Quoins-for-Arch WALLS2 Eldorado-Stone-Lantana-Cliffstone-with-Eldorado-stone-Tuape-trim-stone IMG_6351 (1)

Why Better Than Real Stone?

LIGHTER: Stone veneer weighs significantly less than the real thing, which makes it easier to handle, quicker to install, and no additional structural support is required.

OPTIONAL LOCATIONS: And since it is lighter, it can be installed anywhere. Most homes don't have walls or foundations prepared for the weight of natural stone, but stone veneer allows your home to have that quaint look without all the extra strain.

CHEAPER: It costs about 1/4-1/2 as much as natural material, typically running about $10 to $12 per square foot. And once again, because it's lighter, installation gets done in half the time, and no special footings, foundations, or other supports are necessary.

FIREPROOF: It's not as impenetrable as real rock, but more so than wood or vinyl siding.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Stone veneer helps to save on expensive quarrying, preserving the environment—and your pocketbook.

MAINTENANCE-FREE: It's surprisingly durable and doesn't take any special maintenance except for the occasional spray of the hose.

INSPIRED INSTALLATIONS:As mentioned before, cultured stone veneer can be installed anywhere. Here are just a few options available to you:

INTERIORS: We often think of it being put on the home's exterior, but why not bring the outdoors inside. These façades are great for fireplaces, backsplashes, tiling, and any other interior designs.



So your current exterior is chipping or cracking. Or maybe you have antique objects that need some restoration. This material can be handcrafted to match any reconstruction job, even for stone that is no longer naturally quarried.



It can be matched to any stone in existence, so why not get creative with your garden? Create pavers, walkways, or benches made out of any "rock" from around the world.