In these cash-crunched and economically-challenging times, an increasing number of Valley residents are spending their leisure time at home. Whether it is a candlelight dinner with their significant other, a weekend barbecue with friends, or simply a moment of peace and quiet in their lush outdoor oasis, homeowners are capitalizing on this private retreat known as the patio. With the addition of patio sanctuaries, backyards and landscapes have been transformed into scenic extensions of residences and charming or even luxurious entertainment areas. Our services have made possible the creation of outdoor kitchens, shady playgrounds, spas, art studios, reading havens, and living rooms.

Sunrooms and Patio Rooms are a beautiful addition to your home, adding value to your property, creating extra space and offering a unique way to enjoy the California climate all year long. Sunrooms and Patio Rooms are significantly more cost effective, easier to install, and cause less mess than construction of ordinary room additions; not to mention take much less time to construct. You’ll save money on heating and cooling costs and get to enjoy outdoor living indoors.



Sunrooms and Patio Rooms are much more than just room additions; sunrooms provide a sanctuary for you and your family and are designed to enhance your lifestyle. The combination of natural light and comfort ensures that a sunroom is the most used room in your home.

 We encourage you to discover more about the unique benefits of patio creations by Sunset Construction and see how to fill your home with natural light, add the space you've always wanted and enjoy the benefits of an outdoor living area, 365 days a year!