Every day more people are discovering their own backyards and the fun and beauty they can find there. As folks decide that the time to sell their home isn’t now, they are instead looking for design ideas to help them take advantage of what they already have. One of the best home improvements you can make is to enhance the outdoor living areas around your own home. Enjoy the great outdoors without leaving home! Often, the cost of those improvements can be offset or even overcome by the enhanced resale value.

The secret to a beautiful and functional backyard design is planning. Don’t just start putting the pieces in place randomly. Decide what you want. Think long term. Most of the time folks don’t do everything at once - and that can be part of the fun. It’s fine and normal to do a little at a time. But you still need to add those pieces with the overall design in mind. You don’t want to have to tear down one part in order to add the next part. The most important time you spend will be the time spent thinking and researching - before you actually start implementing the design.

Outdoor living enters a whole new realm with an outdoor kitchen. Whether a fun dinner with the family or a larger gathering for outdoor entertaining, cooking outside is always great. Now it can be as easy as cooking inside - and a lot more fun! A new patio cover offers the perfect gathering place for friends and family. An outdoor fireplace is an increasingly popular way to keep your extra living space useful throughout the year.

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Concrete patios are the most versatile outdoor areas of all. They are durable multi-purpose areas where all kinds of outdoor activities take place. With a simple patio cover and a gas grill, you’re ready for the good times. Does your existing concrete need improvement? If so, that’s the ideal time to enlarge it and add features that compliment your lifestyle.

Water or fire features are a great way to make a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your outdoor living area. A fountain or even a soothing waterfall can help eliminate the stress of the day just by walking out the back door.

Let us help you as you design the perfect backyard living space that fits the needs of you and your family.


Breaking ground. The biggest mistake people make is to think the concrete comes first. This is true if a concrete slab is all you desire. If you are wanting more for your patio, think about adding footings for overhead structures, plumbing for water and gas, electrical runs for power to fans and lights. This can be a costly mistake if you’re not thinking ahead.

Once you know what you will be doing with your outdoor patio, it will be easy to determine the appropriate size for it. Will you be using it for barbecue parties on weekends, or will you keep it as a peaceful retreat for yourself and your family? Share these priorities with your Sunset Contractor so that you both understand the final result of the patio construction that you are looking for.


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Sunset Construction creates outdoor living areas that beckon you to come and sit. We design and build comfortable and inviting porches, patios, and yards. As a designer/builder, I encourage my clients to always have places in the home that make you feel good, places you will use; because, if you do, you’ll love your home even more. We invite you to extend your indoor comforts outside and let us show you how to increase your home’s living and entertaining space. It makes sense, by adding outdoor living areas you will not only increase the living space of your home, but also help it bring a much higher resale value with more market appeal.
It means so much when you find a place where you can feel that sense of solitude, whether it’s a small table under an arbor in the garden or a shady setting for summer lunches, or a special place to start a busy day with your morning coffee, or an area for hosting a large dinner party… Outside entertaining is not only special, it can be magical. You will feel like you’re being transported to another place.

As demand has risen over the last few years, we have designed and built more outdoor living areas, and the feedback from these projects has been outstanding. By combining customer requests with our expertise and creativity, we have been able to create structures that not only satisfy customers’ practical needs, but also their aesthetic ones. If you are interested in a Sunset Construction custom living addition, we encourage you to start your project while conditions and pricing are ideal.

Patio Design & Installation

Patios & Outdoor Living

Because of its convenient location and outdoor living feel, a patio is often seen as an extension of our indoor living space. Whether it’s made of stone, brick or concrete, this paved spot is frequently the life of the party, especially when you add a grill, fire pit or fireplace. With an outdoor kitchen and dining set, it can become your favorite eating spot, while an abundance of patio furniture and colorful decor turns it into the perfect sunny lounge.

Since it has so many different functions, planning out your patio is critical before you start remodeling. First of all, take time to figure out what material works best for you, and decide whether you want a covered or uncovered spot.
Next, determine what amenities are important to you; is an outdoor fireplace essential, or would a smaller scale fire pit work just as well? Finally, much like any other room, decorate the space to ensure that it’s welcoming, interesting and colorful.

Room additions are not unlike building an entirely new home, particularly if the room addition includes a kitchen and/or bathroom. Most of the standard trades that are required in building a new home are also necessary for building a room addition.

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What materials should I use for my patio?

With an outdoor space, your materials help dictate the overall style and feel, so make sure your patio accurately reflects the style of your home. Stone pavers and terracotta tile are common with Mediterranean houses, while brick is most often seen in traditional homes. Concrete works well with most spaces, so it’s a great option to use when you’re unsure what direction you’re heading. For a more dramatic look, consider natural stone overlays. (It can be cheaper than ripping out your old cracked concrete and pouring new stamped). After you figure out your foundation, decide whether you want a covered or uncovered space. You can add a pergola, arbor, awning or trellis for some shade, or you can let the sun shine in and go without.

What should I incorporate into my patio?

Even though a patio can just be a paved slab, it can also be much more, if you add the right additions. Fire pits and fireplaces are great for cooler nights, while an outdoor kitchen and bar make it the ideal party spot. Regardless of what you do, a grill and eating spot is a must for al fresco dining, and you need good-quality furniture to truly enjoy even the most basic outdoor space. Depending on your budget, you can even opt for a hot tub and pool, if you don’t mind the maintenance.

Patio Design in Fresno and Clovis, California

Building Patios in Fresno and Clovis requires skill to add Value and Enjoyment to an ordinary Back Yard.

Converting a back yard into a functional, luxurious patio is a great way to add value to your home. However, building a new patio for your home requires skill, artistry and an understanding of building codes and land planning requirements in Fresno County. A professional landscape designer coupled with a project manager can eliminate the mistakes commonly made in the early stages of an exterior remodeling project by taking into consideration what codes apply in your local jurisdiction.

A great patio design in Fresno and Clovis will make the most of your available budget by making good use of your back yard with a unique design. Our professional landscape designers and project manager will work to achieve harmony in your patio, making it a place where you can entertain, relax and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Sunset Construction in Fresno and Clovis, California.

Our professional outdoor living specialist will use several different mediums to construct patios in Fresno and Clovis using materials such as: blue stone, flagstone, silver quartzite, sandstone, granite, slate or tile. A unique patio that is custom designed to fit your landscape will give you maximum enjoyment by complimenting the existing elements of your yard. A well planned patio will give you a sense of balance and harmony by creating a stunning, usable outdoor living space.

Sunset Construction specializes in creating residential gardens, patios, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces and luxurious outdoor living rooms. We can turn an ordinary back yard into a natural extension of your home giving you a whole new dimension for entertaining or simply unwinding at the end of the day. If you’re interested in converting a boring back yard or starting from scratch in a new home, give us a call today! A great patio and outdoor living area can easily be yours.

Decorative Concrete & Landscape Curbing

Stamped Concrete:

Are you looking for a hardscape to add to your outdoor living space? Consider concrete. We are not referring to the plain grey cement that graces many sidewalks and driveways. Today’s concrete is all about adding color and design for a high end look at a budget price. If a new patio is in your future, consider these five advantages to choosing stamped concrete for your patio project.


You can choose a patio with the look of stone, brick or tile. Stamped concrete patio designs can run the gamut from a sleek, contemporary style, to a traditional look that fits perfectly with a cottage garden landscape.


Concrete comes in a rainbow of colors today, so you can find the hue that will tie in best to the exterior of your home and the rest of your landscape. You have a choice of choosing a dye that is mixed into the concrete before pouring the patio. These shades are generally more muted, but the end result is quite dramatic. You can also opt for a dry shake-on method that is worked into the top layer of concrete before the stamping is done. This method gives you much more vibrant colors and can be combined with the former process for a nice pattern on the concrete surface.


Unlike a redwood deck that must be refinished and sealed every year, a stamped concrete patio needs very little maintenance to retain its beautiful appearance. Washing off the surface with a garden hose and applying a new coat of sealant every two or three years will keep your hardscape in top condition. You can enjoy your outdoor living space with the knowledge that your stamped concrete patio is designed for a lifetime of use.


Because concrete is an amazingly versatile substance, you can create just about any shape you please with your stamped concrete patio. Want curves? No problem. How about a planting area in the middle of your patio surface? Easy enough. There is simply no other surface that will give you the plethora of design options that concrete can.


Stamped concrete patios do have a broad range of prices, depending on the style and size of the patio you choose. However, concrete is a relatively low-cost option to other types of outdoor living spaces like redwood or Trex decking. When you combine the installation costs with the low maintenance needs, you can see that you will get plenty of value for the dollar from your stamped concrete patio. A stamped concrete patio can be a lovely addition to any outdoor living space today. With a wide range of options, low maintenance and the best value for your landscaping dollar, it is no wonder these patios have become a mainstay in many homes today.

Decorative Landscape Curbing:

Decorative curbing gives a clean, elegant look to your yard while enhancing the beauty of the landscape. Decorative curbing is done on site with virtually no mess and without disturbing existing plants and shrubs.

Decorative curbs offer affordable styles and colors to fit your specific budget and taste. The decorative curbing is continuous, which provides a durable, permanent border that is maintenance free, and helps prevent weeds and grass from growing into your flower beds (or wherever you have your curb).
Decorative bordering outlasts wood, metal and plastic and keeps mulch and rocks in place. The designed flexibility allows curves, turns, and contours for the layout of your landscape.

Come create eye-catching landscapes.