Not only have our patio covers enhanced the Valleys' quality of life and enlarged their living space, but they have also enabled our customers to enjoy their deck or patio in both picture-perfect climactic conditions and inclement weather.

Our professionally designed and installed patio covers provide shade and resist snow, rain and moisture, hail, heat and heavy wind gusts. They offer homeowners both the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the convenience and protection of being indoors. Generally, our patio cover installations are completed within one to two days.
Our customers can expect to reap a host of benefits from installing a patio cover and pergola built by Kerner & Sons, as follow:

1. Enhancement of their home's exterior
2. Low maintenance
3. Added functionality and value to their residence
4. Preservation of their outdoor furniture and deck
5. Filtering of UV rays
6. Metal covers are weather-proof with a lifetime warranty.
7. Durability


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Getting the Perfect Outdoor Living Patio:

There is no better place to be on a summer evening than on your patio. When you dream of making home improvements do you imagine yourself enjoying warm summer evenings out by the pool in your own backyard? Our professionally designed outdoor living areas can make it a reality.

Patio Construction and Materials Used by Your Outdoor Living Patio Contractor:

Homeowners have found that creating outdoor living areas beyond the walls of the home increases real estate market value while adding usable square footage.
Let us help you design and build the patio of your dreams so you can start enjoying outdoor living in your very own backyard.
Patio Covers, Pergolas, and Awnings & Car Ports: Made from embossed aluminum, our patio covers and car ports are attractive, versatile and durable.
Pergola Shade Structures: Transform a sunny spot into a welcoming retreat with a Lattice shade cover. These artfully designed shade covers provide the allure and ambiance you’ve dreamed of.

Their unique "wood embossed" aluminum composition offers not just comfort, but complete peace of mind with little to no maintenance. If you are looking for a way to enhance the appeal and value of your home, take a closer look at aluminum Lattice Shade Structures by Sunset Construction.

There are some people who think only one patio is necessary. This is not necessarily true. If you have a large, well-tended yard, why not show it off with more than one patio? Sunset Construction designers will be happy to construct patios that show off the beautiful views available from your own backyard.

Platforms connected with walkways of stone, concrete, pavers or brick add depth and charm to your property. You can even design each patio to have its own "theme" - for example, a pool patio, connected to a garden patio, connected to a brick patio outfitted for barbecuing or grilling, and so on.

The View from Your Patio, Courtesy of Your Outdoor Living Patio Contractor:

When planning the design and construction of an outdoor living patio, you need to keep some very important facts in mind. First of all, where are guests going to look when they're standing or seated on your patio? Secondly, how can you make that view more interesting? Your Sunset Construction designer will be able to assist with designs and ideas for improving the view from your new outdoor living patio.