Decorative Concrete & Natural Stone

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Are you looking for a hardscape to add to your outdoor living space? Consider concrete. We are not referring to the plain grey cement that graces many sidewalks and driveways. Today's concrete is all about adding color and design for a high end look at a budget price. If a new patio is in your future, consider these five advantages to choosing stamped concrete for your patio project.


Concrete comes in a rainbow of colors today, so you can find the hue that will tie in best to the exterior of your home and the rest of your landscape. You have a choice of choosing a dye that is mixed into the concrete before pouring the patio. These shades are generally more muted, but the end result is quite dramatic. You can also opt for a dry shake-on method that is worked into the top layer of concrete before the stamping is done. This method gives you much more vibrant hues and can be combined with the former process for a nice pattern on the concrete surface.

Because concrete is an amazingly versatile substance, you can create just about any shape you please with your stamped concrete patio. Want curves? No problem. How about a planting area in the middle of your patio surface? Easy enough. There is simply no other surface that will give you the plethora of design options that concrete can.


You can choose a patio with the look of stone, brick or tile all for the price of a single patio. Stamped concrete patio designs can run the gamut from a sleek, contemporary style, to a traditional look that fits perfectly with a cottage garden landscape.


.....Unlike a redwood deck that must be refinished and sealed every year, a stamped concrete patio needs very little maintenance to retain its beautiful appearance. Washing off the surface with a garden hose and applying a new coat of sealant every two or three years will keep your hardscape in top condition. You can enjoy your outdoor living space with the knowledge that your stamped concrete patio is designed for a lifetime of use.


Stamped concrete patios do have a broad range of prices, depending on the style and size of the patio you choose. However, concrete is a relatively low-cost option to other types of outdoor living spaces like redwood or Trex decking. When you combine the installation costs with the low maintenance needs, you can see that you will get plenty of value for the dollar from your stamped concrete patio.

A stamped concrete patio can be a lovely addition to any outdoor living space today. With a wide range of options, low maintenance and the best value for your landscaping dollar, it is no wonder these patios have become a mainstay in many homes today. And, if you are simply tired of your old cracked and stained slab, a natural stone overlay can be an economical alternative to a demo and re-pour.



When it comes to your hardscape, what’s underfoot is as important as what’s overhead. Patios and walkways set the stage, so to speak. So our landscape design team understands not only the wide variety of materials and applications, but also how to weave hardscape design into dreamscape vision.

Flagstone is our stone of choice for patios primarily due to its narrow packed joints that allow water to permeate instead of running off. Flagstone patios also have a very natural, organic look due to their shape and earthy shades of browns, reds, grays and blues. The most common types of flagstone used for paving patios are sandstone, slate and limestone. Flagstone provides a durable and naturally slip-resistant patio surface that will last for years.

Your walkways become much more than a sidewalk and a patio more than a concrete slab when it is constructed using hand picked stones meticulously laid into place by an artistic mason. Transform your yard with a meandering, magical pathway that leads you to a secluded retreat or garden. Invite guests to move about your yard without saying a word. Whether you choose stepping stone, flagstone, slate or brick, our designer and masons will deliver a walkway like none other.

Low maintenance and high enjoyment are the keys to any naturally designed stone patio with interconnecting walkways leading to areas of interest within your own private back yard. Your secluded getaway can begin with just a call or by clicking on the contact button, and the designers and builders at Sunset Construction will be happy to assist you on a journey through the beauty that can be your own back yard.